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Hotel Sunroute Asakusa


If you have a breakfast ticket, you can choose the restaurant on the 1st floor or 2nd floor.

If you do not have a breakfast ticket, please pay directly at the restaurant.


1F BOICHI also offers a Beef with stunning wine list. If you come to BOICHI, you can enjoy juicy meat from classic meat dishes to rare cuts .

7:00 ~ 10:30
(10:00 L/O)

11:30 ~ 22:00
(21:00  L/O)

【TEL】 03-5830-1129


Breakfast time】 
7:00 ~ 10:30
(10:00 L/O)

1,320 yen

You can choose either Roast beef bowl, American breakfast, or traditional Japanese.

*Appetizer・ Dessert・ Salad
*All-you-can-eat rice, bread, and curry
*All-you-can-drink soup and drink

Special roast beef bowl

American breakfast

traditional Japanese


2F「PANDA」is you can enjoy cuisine from authentic Chinese dishes at reasonable prices. Special deals are available during morning and lunch time.

(10:00  L/O)

【Lunch / Dinner】
10:30 ~ 26:00
(25:30  L/O)

 Only Monday: 10:30〜23:30

(23:00 L/O)

【Tel】 03-5830-3577


【Breakfast Time】
(10:00 L/O)

1,320 yen

You can choose either shark fin bowl, Westen style, or Japanese style, chinese porridge.+half buffet
(Depending on availability, it may be a buffet.)