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Hotel Sunroute Asakusa


There is a tower type parking adjacent to the hotel. 

Hotel guests fee: $ 1,800 / night. 

1 night: from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m. (If your hotel reservation plan has extended the check-in / out time, the parking time will be considered as same) 

Normal car: height 155 cm or less, car width 180 cm or less, tire width 180 cm or less 

High roof car: Height 156-205cm Car width 180cm or less, tire width 180cm or less 

* Parking reservation is required, therefore, if you travel by car, please call the hotel to reserve a parking lot. TEL: 03-3847-1511 

Please note that if you arrive without a reservation, you may not be able to use the parking lot. 

* We do not have another parking lot in the area. Hotel staff can provide you with information about others parking lots, but note that the Hotel does not take any responsibility or make any compensation. * If you would like to use the parking lot more than 1 night, the parking fees are charged per hour. 

Weekdays ¥ 200/20 minutes ■ Saturday, Sunday, day before holidays ¥ 300/20 minutes ■ * day before the holidays, as well as the year-end and new year holidays* Please note that extensions for high-roof vehicles with a height of 156 cm or more will not be accepted. 

* If the vehicle has a modification it may not be available.  

* Bicycles and motorcycles are not available.