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Asakusa events

Sanja Matsuri

seasonMay 5th
PlaceFrom Asakusa Shrine to All areas in Asakusa
HighlightJoin in the one of the more big events in tokyo and enjoy with the hundred portable mikoshi shrines, stately parades, and lots of sake with the great view from the Kaminarimon and the Sky Tree in the background, this festival will be held throughout Asakusa. This is a big festival that has been going on since the Kamakura era, and the scale is amazing.
URL https://www.asakusajinja.jp/sanjamatsuri/  

Sumida Park Sakura Festival

SeasonMid-March to early April
PlaceSumida Park
HighlightThe area between Azumabashi and Sakurabashi in
Sumidagawa is one of the most famous and popular Tokyo’s spots for cherry blossom viewing (hanami). Sumida Park has about 510 cherry trees.
It is a popular spot where you can enjoy with
the beautiful view to the cherry blossoms along the
Sumida River and the Tokyo Sky Tree.
URL http://www.city.taito.lg.jp/index/event/kanko/sumidasakuramatsuri.html
(Taito-ku homepage)

Rooster’s day fair

PlaceTori Temple
HighlightThis is a event that is held every November at the Tori Shrine, known as the “Decoy-sama”. the Bamboo Rake for good luck”. this highly decorated bamboo rake is very popular as goods to bring happiness and prosperity in business. and you can see many shops selling this bamboo rakes around the temple.
URL http://www.city.taito.lg.jp/index/event/kanko/torinoithi.html
(Taito-ku homepage)

Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Place [The first venue] From Sakurabashi downstream to Kotobashi Bridge upstream
[Second venue] From Komagata Bridge downstream to Stable Bridge upstream
HighlightIt is a fireworks festival that inherits the tradition of fireworks of Ryoukoku, which started in1733. In the first venue, a fireworks contest will be held, and about 20,000 launches will be launched together with the second venue.
URL http://www.city.taito.lg.jp/index/event/kanko/hanabitaikai.html
(Taito-ku homepage)

Asakusa Samba carnaval

PlaceFrom Asakusa Umado Street to Kaminarimon Street
HighlightIntense samba rhythm that can be enjoyed! A vibrant and gorgeous costumes! The Asakusa Samba Carnival is a major event that deserves the summer of downtown Tokyo!
URL http://www.city.taito.lg.jp/index/event/kanko/asakusa-sanba.html
(Taito-ku homepage)

Asakusa Halloween

PlaceNear Kaminarimon 1-chome intersection
HighlightThere are stage performances , free rental costumes for children, free face art, and more. Also you can enjoy with the costume parade, Shimomachi Asakusa will be full of Halloween!
URL https://asakusa-kankou.com/
(Sightseeing in Asakusa.com)

Tokyo International Marathon

PlaceTokyo Metropolitan Government-Iidabashi-Kanda-Nihonbashi
HighlightA big event in Tokyo where everybody can participate and about 40,000 runners run 10km.
URL https://www.marathon.tokyo/participants/guideline/
(Tokyo Marathon)